Pingliang People’s Hospital

Founded in 1951, Pingliang People's Hospital is a national 3A-grade general hospital integrating medical treatment, prevention, healthcare, first aid, teaching and research.

The hospital covers 77,800 square meters, with a building area of 48,000 sq m. It has 600 patient beds and its annual number of outpatients is 180,000, and that of discharged patients is more than 10,000.

There are 506 professional and technical personnel in the hospital, among whom 75 have senior professional titles, 259 have intermediate professional titles, and three experts enjoy government subsidies. The hospital has set up 45 majors, among which orthopedics is a provincial key discipline, and cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, hepatobiliary surgery and neurosurgery are municipal key disciplines.

The hospital has Philips achieve 1.5T superconducting magnetic resonance, Siemens AR.C full-body CT, 800 ma X-ray digital gastrointestinal machine and 250 ma mobile C-arm, 128xp/10 color ultrasound, and two imported automatic biochemical analyzers.

Address: 296 Kongtong East Rd, Pingliang, Gansu province