Gansu Science and Technology Museum

Gansu Science and Technology Museum, located at No. 568 of Yin'an street of Anning district, has a total construction area of 41,800 sq m.

It is the province's largest non-profit science promotion project with the largest-ever investment. The museum puts an end to the absence of science and technology museums in Gansu province and has become a new landmark in Lanzhou city.

More than 400 items are showcased in the museum's east and west zones separated by the Science and Technology Corridor. The museum comprises multiple functional areas such as the lobby, the atrium, permanent exhibition areas, temporary exhibition areas, special-effect cinema, Science and Technology Corridor, Science Practice and Exploration Center and lecture halls.

Specifically, the permanent exhibition areas include the Gansu science and technology area, the smart park area, the technology and life area, the enlightenment and exploration area, as well as the exploration and discovery area, and the special-effect cinemas include the IMAX/4D cinema, the dome cinema, and the dream theater.