Lianhuatai's unparalleled scenery revealed | Updated: 2022-08-04


A magnificent sea of clouds appears in Lianhuatai Scenic Area of Pingliang, Gansu province. [Photo provided by Gansu province]

Awe-inspiring spectacles of clouds appeared in Lianhuatai Scenic Area of Pingliang, Gansu province.

There are verdant trees, fragrant wild flowers and rows of strange peaks and stones. The scenery was regarded as beautiful as a fairyland when the sea of white clouds and mist floating around the peaks and forests.

Lianhuatai is a national 3A scenic spot. Covering a land of 11,880 hectares, it boasts rocks in a variety of shapes and lots of cultural relics. Data shows that the area has received 20,000 tourists in the first half of this year.

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