Lanzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Located in Lanzhou, Gansu province, Lanzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone is one of the first batches of 27 national high-tech zones approved by the State Council in 1991.

The zone governed Yantan Park, Dinglian Park, Jiuzhou Economic Zone, Qilihe Park and Heping Park.

Situated in the Lanzhou one-hour commuting economic circle, the zone boasts convenient transportation in the Lanzhou-Baiyin-Xining region, and is approximately 60 km, 80 km and 195 km away from the cities of Baiyin, Dingxi and Xining, respectively. It is also an important connection of the Eurasian Continental Bridge.

With more than 20 years of development, the zone houses more than 5,000 enterprises and has formed an emerging industrial system featuring new materials, electronic information, bio-medicine, energy conservation and environmental protection, advanced manufacturing and modern service industry.